About MobileMBI™ and Decentrix

MobileMBI™ was developed by Decentrix because we saw a huge gap between general purpose mobile apps that are available today for data analysis and the needs of the Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Telecommunications industries. Deploying, insightful analysis to mobile devices needed to be simpler and more intuitive and the analysis must thoughtfully address real world problems critical to decision process in the media/entertainment sector. This is precisely what MobileMBI™ was designed to do.

Decentrix, was founded in 2001, is a global technology and service company that develops, consults and licenses web software solutions and enterprise wide analytics for Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Telecommunications companies.

Our solutions support fast and insightful management decisions across all elements of the business processes for these businesses including traditional linear media, digital, eMedia and mobile deployment. Our consulting practice also spans traditional linear media (both content and advertising) as well as all elements of emerging digital media including web news, entertainment and advertising, streaming media, digital interactive, social media, set top box, mobile deployment and e-commerce. Our goal is to provide leading edge applications to executives to allow them to make critical, timely and profitable decisions in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The Decentrix executive and professional consulting services team has many decades of technology experience in advertising, advertising agency, radio, television, cable networks, cable MSOs, and digital and Internet media. We have designed, built and serviced most media transactional systems including campaign planning systems, media buying, audience research, production costing systems, client profitability systems, proposal systems, sales analysis, traffic systems, program rights and distribution, master control automation systems, A/R, A/P and G/L and ERP solutions, all specifically for Media and Advertising Agencies