Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get the MobileMBI™ App?

A: MobileMBI™ is available in the Windows Store. Navigate to the Windows Store on your Windows 8 device, search for MobileMBI™, and follow the purchase and download the app to your device.

Q: How do I use the MobileMBI™ App?


  • Create your secure account on the MobileMBI™ Web Site.
  • Log in to the site and go to the Reports page.
  • Select the desired Analysis Type that will automatically create your interactive dashboard
  • Type in the name for your dashboard
  • Upload the data for the dashboard
  • Log into the MobileMBI™ App when the device is connected to the Internet.

The new dashboard will be automatically published to your mobile device where it will be fully available independent of any internet connection.

Q: How do I create an account?


  • Select the Register button on the menu bar of the MobileMBI™ Web site
  • Fill out your name, e-mail, and password.
  • Press Create Account

Q: How do I load reports?


  • Login to the MobileMBI™ Web site using your account name and password
  • Select the desired Analysis Type to automatically generate your fully interactive dashboard.
  • Enter the Title for your new report, and two optional descriptive values for the report.
  • Upload your data to the new report.