App Features


The MobileMBI™ business intelligence app provides mobile tablet and smartphone access to critical information for broadcast, cable, and cable network, telco and ad agency executives, account managers, and other staff "on the go". MobileMBI™ uses a combination of powerful data visualizations, and intuitive interactive tools to highlight the relevant summary information in each display, and to empower the user to investigate the supporting data to obtain actionable information. MobileMBI™ dashboard analysis types are downloaded from the CloudMBI™ over the web, and once downloaded are fully available off-line. All loaded reports are readily available to users independent of any available internet connectivity. When internet connections do become available and as new reports and updates are uploaded to the user's account, these are pushed to the user automatically whenever they log in.

Key Features:

  • Offline Access 
  • Fully Interactive Dashboards 
  • Mobile Business Intelligence available now

Off-Line Access and Security

MobileMBI™ takes full advantage of both cloud storage and cloud processing to deliver powerful dashboards to mobile devices via Decentrix's powerful cloud architecture, CloudMBI™. The data sets for each dashboard are structured as simple predefined formats that can be uploaded directly into the user's account (after secure login) on the MobileMBI™ registration web site. MobileMBI™ technology automatically ingests each dataset into CloudMBI™ and then organizes, aggregates, compresses and encrypts it to optimize it for off-line secure access. Once processed (it takes about a minute), the dashboard data is available to that user to download if the user is securely logged into their account. If the user is online, he or she can request an immediate refresh. If not, MobileMBI™ will wait and then automatically publish that dashboard along with all other new and updated dashboards available the next time the user logs in on their Windows 8 enabled device.

Interactive Visualizations

MobileMBI™ includes a set of flexible dashboard elements called "Analysis Types". Each Analysis Type includes a set of visualizations integrated within an intuitive workflow and driven by interactive selectors and filters. When a file is uploaded in to CloudMBI™, it is merged with the desired Analysis Type, creating a fully functioning interactive dashboard data set populated with the user's data. Once download to the mobile device, the fully populated dashboard is then ready to highlight key trends, identify influential business drivers, and uncover the details behind the highlighted summary information.

Dashboard Classes (Analysis Types)

  • Pie Chart with Drilldown
  • Geo Map
  • Tabular
  • Multi-Level Bar Chart
  • Inventory (Enterprise)
  • Tree Map (Enterprise)

MobileMBI™ is Available now

MobileMBI™ is available immediately. The MobileMBI™ deployment can be carried out without any IT infrastructure, without any formal training, and without any complex report building processes. The MobileMBI™ App is available free directly from the Microsoft App store. The user creates their account by logging into the Decentrix's MobileMBI registration web site. The user account is then ready to upload data files, and to start making full use of MobileMBI's interactive dashboards with the user data on any Windows 8 device, including the latest Microsoft Surface RT and Surface PRO. Depending on data sizes a fee may apply. The simple file requirements for each Analysis Type are explained fully once a user has registered on the web site. The predefined file formats themselves can be easily created in Excel or from any operational reporting platform. No complex formatting is required nor are users ever required to understand how to create the professional dashboards classes that are available. Each user has complete and secure control over their account and the data sizes and complexity of the dashboards they wish to display. And, most importantly, all client data is held securely in the CloudMBI™ infrastructure, and can only be accessed from their secure account