Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) meets Mobile

Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Telecommunications Corporations have wealth of critical data in their transactional systems but few tools to put this valuable data in the hands of their executives. MobileMBI™ solves that problem, liberating the key analysis to touchscreen tablets and smartphones.

MobileMBI™ is specifically designed for the media, entertainment and advertising space. It consists of media dashboards, geo maps and tabular analysis purpose built for Media Business Intelligence all wrapped into a single App that can be download free from the Microsoft Windows 8 App Store.

It is designed to be used by any transactional system or data warehouse platform. So it can accept data from solutions such as sales proposal systems, campaign planning systems, traffic systems, research systems and accounting platforms as well as any business intelligence tools that are used to create datamarts or data warehouses. All that is necessary is follow some simple steps to upload data in predefined formats and have the analysis immediately deployed through the cloud to touchscreen mobile devices.

The enterprise version of MobileMBI™ also seamlessly integrates with Decentrix BIAnalytix™ Media Business intelligence Enterprise Data Warehouse giving a very powerful mobile deployment of enterprise level data.