Inventory Analysis


This Analysis type is used to assess the current sellout level and rates being charged for that organization's set of standard daily time blocks. The display supports many weeks of scheduling information (the example includes 14 weeks), and the individual blocks of time is colored to display the existing sellout level within that time block and week. The user can then drill into any desired specific time blocks to see the all of the days in that week, and the inventory blocks and currently scheduled programs. The user can drill further into each program to see the currently scheduled spots, their rates, contract end dates, and length information. Sales and Scheduling managers can use the app to quickly assess the status of their inventory over the next quarter, and to then make fast and informed decisions on pending spot purchases, and future rates. The example included in MBI uses but any logical grouping of time during the scheduling day can be used. Also the example shows "Week 1", "Week 2", etc for the actual weeks. Like all of the Analysis Types in MobileMBI™, the actual column label and data element names are completely in the users control and are driven by the actual data values used to populate the particular Analysis Type.

This analysis type is only available to MobileMBI™ Enterprise clients.