Multi-Level Bar Analysis


This Analysis Type supports the ability to break out performance against a target within a multi-level hierarchy over a two levels of dates. The key feature of this Analysis type is its ability to support the drill through to many levels of data. The example includes 5 levels of details, but the model will support as many more as are needed in the data model uploaded to a particular dashboard. The Dashboard opens with all the elements of the highest level of the hierarchy, and their performance against their target over the date range. This example uses Months to select the desired daily performance, but the analysis type also supports Years selecting weeks. The user can then click on the desired element, to expose all of the children in that group with their performance against their own target over the same date range. Clicking on an element of this second level then exposes the "children" that make up the third level, and then the fourth, and so on. In each case, the user can see the performance of a particular element in the hierarchy, and to then drill into the supporting detail to see the data members that drove that elements performance. The ability to break out performance against target across all the levels of a given hierarchy allows users to identify the strong and weak performers at each level of their data model, and to then to identify the elements underneath that are driving that particular performance

Sample data to download and play with here