Why MobileMBI™?

There are many mobile Apps in the marketplace so why is there a need for another one? The reason is simple, we saw a huge gap between general purpose mobile apps that are available today for data analysis and the needs of the Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Telecommunications industries. Deploying, insightful analysis to mobile devices needed to be simpler and more intuitive and the analysis needed to address real world problems critical to decision process in the media/entertainment sector. This is precisely what MobileMBI™ was designed to do.

Each analysis type within the MobileMBI™ app addresses very specific types of media analysis critical to the unique elements of the industry.

If you have the BIAnalytix Media Business Intelligence warehouse installed then you are enterprise enabled:

  • Reports are automatically generated for each authorized user and automatically transferred to the cloud via the Decentrix CloudMBI™ platform
  • CloudMBI™ automatically distributes to the correct registered user the “data slice” that they are authenticated to view on their mobile devices.
  • MobileMBI™ only needs to be connected to the wireless internet for data download to refresh reports. It does not need to be connected to the internet to view, drill down or filter the analysis available. This is critical when executives or sales people may be disconnected form the internet or inside private client environments where they may not have access.

If you do not have BIAnalytix™ Media Business Intelligence warehouse installed the steps for using MobileMBI are still very simple. You can export to MobileMBI™ from any transactional system or data warehouse whatever the technology platform:

  • Each analysis type in the MobileMBI™ app has its own data format defined. All that is necessary is to format a report into the predefined structure and compose it as a data file.
  • The data file is securely uploaded to CloudMBI by a registered user. The upload encrypts the data for security purposes and transforms the data in the cloud into the correct format for distribution to the mobile app.
  • CloudMBI™ automatically distributes the data to the correct MobileMBI™ registered user that was authenticated to download and view the dashboard on their mobile devices.
  • Each analysis type will only appear in the MobileMBI™ app if there is data applicable to that analysis type. Analysis types that are unused will not be visible.